He’s no secret. He’s no underdog - on this team at least.

If anything, maybe he’s a darkhorse - someone who just needs the right organization, the right timing for a “yes” to prove he’s a starting Major League Baseball player.

But for now, as he has for the majority of the 2011 season, Trevor Plouffe is in Rochester. The Minors.

And Trevor Plouffe, probably tired of the constant relegation by the Twins at this point, has had enough.

He’ll just keep hitting.

Here are his totals for the last nine games (since that’s the amount of games he’s played in Rochester since his demotion): 14-for-39 with three doubles and three home runs.

I find myself intrigued with the stories of Plouffe and Chuck James, in particular, on this team because both men have the talent to be on a Major League roster - and yet aren’t. They have baggage - James with his shoulder surgery and Plouffe with his questionable defense - but both have not gotten a fair shake at a chance this season. An injustice, as I see it, and therefore a cause worth supporting.

I don’t care about what fans have to say about Plouffe defense - even if he was throwing it into the stands. The guy obviously lost confidence after making a couple errors and having his baseball-shortfalls exacerbated through media attention - with no help from manager Ron Gardenhire.

So what do you ask someone who has been demoted - again? A guy who is a former first-round pick; a 25-year-old who should be building toward the peak of his career when he’s in triple-A instead?

He gives the same responses when asked about his situation or how he’s feeling, because what else can he say? It’s about opportunity, he acknowledges, and it’s about coming back to Rochester and proving them wrong; that you made some mistakes but you want to show that those were just a fluke.

And Plouffe has continually done all of those things in Rochester.

What else can the guy do? What’s next?

I’ve written about how he should part ways with the Twins. Minnesota is keeping a Major League Baseball player in the minors.

This season, his second mid-season call-up, was supposed to be his chance and it didn’t go well - defensively at least.

So until the next real opportunity comes, Plouffe will continue to work on defense in Rochester, hit in Rochester, get promoted, get demoted, work on defense in Rochester, get promoted, get demoted…